Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I've just won the lottery!

Ha! I wish!

Would it change me? 
But I probably wouldn't have time for you anymore.

After locking up my modest suburban house and changing my phone number, I would slink out of this little town called Melbourne and hide from all of you wanting a slice of my pie. 

MY pie.

Some of you need money way more than I do, and for some of you a little bit of my fortune would change your life forever. But I wouldn't want to play favourites. So it's probably for the best that I don't start sharing.

And what have the charities done for me except call me while I'm scoffing my hot meal in my warm and comfortable home?

So, with my loose change I would make small modifications to my current lifestyle.

I'd go from this:
...that somedays feels like this:
...and downsize it to this:
The Bugatti Veyron. The second most expensive car money
can buy. I don't want to show off. And the best thing?
Only seats two.

I'd move from this:

...to this:

I'd trade this:
...and get me one of these:

I'd go from this:
...to this:
I've hidden her identity as I don't want
people to know it's Mila Kunis.

Take my kids from government schools:
...and stick dump throw hide enrol them in a 
brilliant Boarding School far, far away, like this one:
Institut auf dem Rosenberg, Switzerland

Instead of holidaying like this:
...I'd go here:
...or here:

And instead of having these:
...I'd have a couple of these:

Nah...just kidding. There's some family I'd throw a couple of bucks to, and some friends. I'm sure I'd make lots of new friends very quickly after winning the lottery, and find some friends I haven't heard of in many many years in the process - some I bet I didn't even know I had.

What's the first thing you'd do if you won a stupid amount of pretend money and lived in La-La-Land with me? 

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  1. Love it - great images and laughed at the wine from bottles to vinyards - cool!

    1. I do want to grow my own bottles one day.

  2. Ditto on the bottles to vinyards, but seriously, how seductive is that photo of Tahiti? Simon, Tahiti looks nice...

    1. I know! And I normally wouldn't go for the places I'd have to sweat or reveal body. Noice.

  3. only old people will get that.

  4. Bitch. I can't believe you wouldn't donate some to your Facebook followers. That seriously sucks.

    1. I'd pay you to stay with me. Of course I would.

  5. If you ever win the lottery babysitting fees will coincidently increase.

  6. Love it! Why share? Only causes drama and fights. You remember we go WAY back, right?! We've been friends a whole two months, right? You'd take me to Canada, right...?!

    1. Exactly Kate. Exactly.
      Two months warrants a trip to Canada. But we're not taking kids.