Monday, 18 February 2013

A day in the life...

In this weeks episode of Listmania, see what I saw on Thursday 14th February 2013. This is a day in my life...

7:15am (I feel like it needs a dramatic Law and Order introduction for each time)
Scarlett wakes me up by trying to force her dummy into my mouth. I haven't got a photo of this, so I drew it for you.
Time to get up Campbell. Grunt
Time to get up Ella. Grunt.

Campbell, get up. Grunt.
How pretty is Campbell's pink wall? We will get  around to painting
it one day. Until then, Cam's friends will think it's adorable.
Campbell! Get the hell up! What? Wha..? Why didn't you wake me? Now I'll be late.

Morning chaos begins. Same 'ol same 'ol.
The photo looks so innocent. If only still photography had
volume. The fight between the older 2 behind me & the 

squeals from a baby just don't do this picture justice
Can you drive me? I'm late coz you didn't wake me.
Ella strapping the ferals down

The drop off 
Dora the Explorer for the Wondertwins, fridge magnets for Baby Scarlett, last night's dishes for me. Yay.

The first of three loads of washing. The fun never ends.
The first pooey nappy for the day. The first of many. That'll teach me to have three kids in nappies. Down you go for a nap Essie.

Pancakes for an early lunch. Nutella sandwiches are not good enough today apparently.

After a frantic last minute search for bathers, goggles and swim caps, we head off to Grace and Lily's swimming lessons. Forgot the towels. Bugger. And the change of clothes. Fffffff...
Grace & Lily
Home from swimming, dried, changed. Now to make new playdough. The other batch was mashed and dried on the rug and other miscellaneous objects.
This brilliant literally 5 minute play dough
recipe is the closest I get to actual 'baking'.
I'm desperate for Double Trouble to have a nap. They won't. They grizzle. They fight. Soon it will be too late for a nap if I want them to go to bed before 11pm tonight.

Load the Grand Carnival up with twins, toys for twins, snacks for twins, a 9 month old and an 11 year old, to go pick up 11 year old's 11 year old BFF and drive them to said 11 year olds' dance class at 5.

Damn it.
It took me ages to find Grace. This toy box is in her wardrobe
 Damn it.
I said I not tired
Better start thinking about what to feed the little bastar... darlings. What crap can I serve up and call a meal tonight?

Dad's home. Finally. Dinner. Finally.

A relaxing bath to calm the savage beasts before bed. God I'm funny.

I have to lie with Scarlett until she finally drops off, usually in an hour.

Tim's asleep on the couch. As usual. I'll pick this crap up & fold the washing while he snores. Who am I kidding? It'll still be there tomorrow.
Does this photo of my lounge room make you feel good?
You're welcome.
The last kid takes their final curtain call.

I get my blog on and stalk people on Facebook.

Unfortunately, I was not able to photograph the many tantrums and stupid arguments the kids had during the day, as I was busy ignoring them. I want to make this visual diary every week and turn it into a coffee table book called Ask Me Again What I Do All Day. I Dare You.

See more of the daily crap I put up with on my Facebook page.


  1. "Does this photo of my lounge room make you feel good?" YES. Makes me feel a little better about the state of my loungeroom. I once cleaned the house and found an extra child we didnt know we had. He was hidden amongst the debris, I mean toys, living in the bottom layer of the toy room surviving only on old apple cores, and biscuits mashed into the carpet. I dread to one day find whats hiding at the bottom of the washing pile.
    Thanks for the good read. Your blog should be read daily by young adults in sex education classes, as a form of contraception. It works for me :)

    1. Thanks Rebekah. I do like to think of myself as an example of what NOT to do. Did you keep the child you found?

    2. As he didnt belong to me he was the only one I could legally give away without being charged. So I packed him some lunch (gave him a whole apple instead of just a core), and sent him on his merry way. Three and a half (hubby is the half) kids is enough for me.

  2. What got me was the times. I'd think 'by now it must be well after four' and nope, it isn't even midday… I'm sorry, I had to laugh, you look really busy and frustrated and, well, so funny! I had to laugh. Sorry. The coffee book? Do it.

    1. I know. Some days just go on and on and on. By about 4:30 I start looking at the clock counting the minutes until hubby gets home between 7 and 7:30. Then I wonder why as he will eat and sleep. Thanks Kate.

  3. thank you s much for sharing - loved seeing life with 5 kids of such varying ages - i think you gave a great picture of the reality of it all. and with such an awesome sense of humour! cracking up at the kids fallng asleep later - why oh why do kids always refuse naps - as my friend posted on facebook yesterday she would pay someone a lot of money to tell her to nap in the day!!

    1. My girls are trying desperately to give up their afternoon naps and I'm trying desperately to keep them. I was thinking that a school holiday might be even more frustrating, but I think I'd just be photographing argumentative sloths at a zoo.

  4. lololol! Oh dear God I think I might love you! Soooo bloody funny!

    Apart from the fact, God love you, that you have 5 kids, and I only have 3 (only have 3, not something Iv'e ever actually said before...), our lives are scarily similar.

    "Better start thinking about what to feed the little bastar... darlings. What crap can I serve up and call a meal tonight?" I cracked up at that!

    You are a star! lol!

    1. ...only have 3! I think you can only have one & still get this kind of carnage!

  5. This was really fun to read! I love how it's your fault Campbell will be late! I have the same with my son every morning - we struggle to get him to bed then struggle to get him up (and he is only 6). Seeing your lounge room made me feel pleased I'm not the only one with stuff on the floor. I visited a new friend (kids met at childcare) about a year ago and when we arrived the house was in total chaos - it was hard to walk through the lounge room. She figured we may as well see their place in their true state - that's what I love about her! There is nothing worse than going away from someone's house feeling so bad about yourself as you can't keep your house that clean.

    1. Doesn't that make a huge difference to your self esteem when someone exposes their 'normal' parenting to you? I still will run around mentally before someone comes over. It's amazing how much you can actually clean in 10 minutes! I could put this 'cleaning' thing into practise more often, but meh...

  6. Very bloody funny post. And the look on Lily's face at 8.30am...well I know that look. It makes me want to laugh, cry and apologise all at once. The force is strong in that one. A shame she favours the dark side!

    1. That look on Lily's face seems to permanently there lately. I've said it before & I'll say it again - she scares me. And the good thing about you reading this is that you know every bit of my day IS like this. You've seen it in action!

  7. The best laugh I have had today. I only have one little feral so I take my hat off to you well and truly. My living room also looks like an explosion in a toy factory!

    1. The best thing about writing this blog is that I am finding more and more mums around the world are very similar. I've been in playgroups and the like where I hear that their houses are immaculate, their brownies are baked and their children are perfect. Sometimes I question if it's me that's mental or them.

  8. Such great photos and a cute family. Love Grace's sleeping hide out. Love the lounge photo especially as it shows a sleeping husband.

    1. Grace & Lily have both taken turns sleeping in the toy box & they have actually squashed in there together & slept. I'd love to find a hiding place & sleep.

  9. Awesome post! Had me laughing all the way through. I don't know how you do it with five, I only have one and our lounge regularly looks like that too (including the sleeping hubby) :-P

    1. Thanks Samantha! I am actually quite pleased you have the same lounge & sleeping husband experience too! I actually don't know how I do it with 5 either. Wine helps.

  10. The hectic makes me feel right at home. I would be scared to do a post like this in my own life due to possible incriminating evidence of my poor parenting skills! Lovely to meet you MMx

    1. I agree! I was scared to show what life was really like in case people see it as a reflection of not coping! I'm not made for housework. I don't like it & it doesn't like me. Like I tell my kids, we can't all be good at everything.

  11. Love your day Lis, love your drawing! And I can so see Scarlett going from that expression in your drawing in the morn, to that sleeping beauty eventually at night x

  12. I know!! I know!! Try telling them to take their nap IN the toy box?? :-)

    1. Ooooh...I like your thinking. With Lily (current evil twin) I should tell her that today we're NOT taking a nap, so go play. That just might work...