Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I am only just coming to terms with living in this dog's breakfast of a house, that I have started calling it a home. My home.

My home has been my home from the age of 1 when my parents had it built with the help of the Department of Veteran's Affairs. That's as good a handshake you'd get for serving in Vietnam back in the early 70s. My parents built it with gold glass sliding doors, wood panelling, mission brown paint work and khaki carpet, and Tim and I have only changed it in the last five years and it's still a work in progress.

It is the house I grew up in, the house we lived in as a family and then as a broken family, and the house my mum spent her last few days in.

I've come full circle and I'm raising my family in it now. But moving here with my family couldn't make it my home. It wasn't mine and it didn't feel like mine. It had gone back to being a house.

And now, after years of changing it from the house I grew up in to the home I will make for my family, I have favourite places and spaces I love. 
My computer. Oh, I lurve my computer.
Sorry Timbo, but the computer sees more of me than you do.
I also love my wine bottles I have in various places around the house.
I really do look like a drunkard.

My bed. Especially without Scarlett, but I secretly don't mind her being there.
It's the place that Mumma watches her stories and is not to be disturbed.
It is also iPad zone. And the bedroom is multifunctional -
it's a bedroom/spare room/laundry in one! Jealous?
The Wondertwins cell. It's certainly the prettiest room in the house. This is an old photo of their room as I couldn't get in there through the disaster zone to take a photo. Not that you'd be able to see their beds or floor anyway...
I like this room because it is at the far end of the house. Need I say more?

How good is it that the shine from the window hides the thick layer of dust?
And the sticky mess on the floor to the right of Scarlett's little chubby legs - can barely see it!
I love my TV and my TV loves me.
It not only has my programmes on the Foxtel storage, but it gives me respite from the Wondertwins. And, as you may have read in past posts, I really really need it. 

My kitchen. The heart of my house. Despite having desks in their bedrooms, this is where the homework gets done at the last minute, masterpieces of art are created, meals are rejected, friends gather, and mummy drinks her tequila. 

Did I say 'masterpieces'? I meant 'mess'.
My new garden in the making down the side of the house.
Grace looks like a boy taking a wizz and Lily is the shy one.

This is my new favourite place. I love having a BBQ
and sipping on a wine or four under twinkling stars.
And here ends our tour of my abode. I managed to avoid showing you the bloody battles and filth that normally makes up my home. Yay for me! 

Have a peek at other blogger's homes and favourite things at Home Life Simplified's Listmania link up. And then back to me, me, me at Cut My Milk Facebook page. I have now posted some photos of what my house looks like on a regular day, room to room. Trust me - this is therapeutic for both of us!

And please leave me a comment - good or bad - I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Thank you for telling the story of your home and the journey...
    i love your twinkle lights - looks so inviting and heavenly xx

    1. Thank you, Deb, for giving us the inspiration to write about these things. Since joining in with the Listmania crew I've been diving into some untouched memories & thoughts. Very cathartic. :)

  2. I love your photos! I'm glad your house is starting to feel like home again. I'm with you - I secretly enjoy having a kid or 2 in bed with me!

    1. Thanks Bec, it is starting to grow on me again! As much as I'd like my bed to myself, it's beautiful to have Scarlett there & watching her breathe & touch her little fingers!

  3. No. Not jealous. I have a 'bedroom/spare room/laundry in one' in just about every room of the house!

    1. I am glad to hear that Kate! WE ARE NOT ALONE!!

  4. I love those fairy lights, fabulous! I wish I could drink a glass or four of wine with you there.

    OMG I am soooo envious of your kitchen, it’s HUGE and gorge!

    (Wasn’t it a nightmare trying to clear up the shit for these photos? I was thinking about posting the ‘real’ house pics too! lol)


    1. Ok - I'm outing myself. Go back & look at the photo of my kitchen. Now, visualise on the bench large bowls of knick knacks, piles of overdue bills and school notices, food containers, stacks of dirty plates & toys. They are hiding on the floor behind the bench! Ta da! I assure you it didn't look like this for long.

  5. I'm outing you - it really is like this every day, and the mess is just for comedic/therapeutic value for the rest of us. You're self-lessly providing us a community service, I know!

    1. Dang. I'll have to put a gag order on you.

      No, my world-wide bloggy friends, I am truly feral & messy (see Suburban Housewife blog).