Thursday, 14 February 2013

It's just a little crush

Home Life Simplified's Listmania has told me I have to list my crushes of then and now. It wasn't too hard. Some are a little bit embarrassing to own up to, but it was fun going back in time when butterflies flew wildly in my stomach and my heart would threaten to burst from my chest with the mere mention of my crushes' names. There were a few more 'real life' crushes, but some things are better left as secrets.

My first crush was a boy in grade 2. He sat in front of me and I could stare deeply into the back of his dark brown mop of hair. I would turn bright red when he looked my way and I would go out of my way to go out of his way, hoping that in my avoidance he would figure out that I wanted to marry him. He never did.
Who would've thought?
Growing up I had posters stuck to every inch of my wall. George Michael was the biggest poster I had. It came with the Wham! Fantastic album I bought. I would dream that he would come to Australia and meet me and I would be his girlfriend. Little did I know at the time that my grade 2 crush would have more of a chance with him than I would.

The real Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio
Kirk Cameron from 'Growing Pains' was a major crush through the 80's for me. He was a quirky smart ass who smiled at the camera just for me. The real Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, also was nice. People flocked to karate dojos for the chance to wax on and wax off just like Ralph. I was one of them.

Johnny Depp
John Cusack
While many of my friends swooned over Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy from 'Pretty in Pink' (how I so wanted to be Molly Ringwald) I was worshipping John Cusack and Johnny Depp in his '21 Jump Street' days and bawling when he was swallowed up by the bed and turned into dog food in 'Nightmare on Elm Street'. Johnny Depp is one hell of a fine wine. He just keeps getting better and better. De-lish.

Keanu Reeves. 
Ryan Reynolds
Keanu Reeves was a very very very long standing crush. I had books of photos I had collected over a few years, massive posters, calendars and my own graphite drawings of him. He is still a stunner and certainly still floats my boat.

Today, I'm 'crushing' as my 11 year old would say, on some more wine fines. Joshua Jackson in 'Fringe' and anything with Ryan Reynolds and Justin Bateman will do just nicely thank you.

Taylor Kinney

But the dirty old woman of 41 comes out, and young Taylor Kinney gets me ogling like a lustful teenager. He can put out my fires any night.

Well, that was a comprehensive. I'm pretty sure I've embarrassed my daughter with this list. They're all so old! Where's Harry Styles? Nope. I'll stand by my men. 

Who floated your boat?


  1. Oh, you and I would get along just fine. I'm 'Kate the Karate Kid'!

    New here, and absolutely love your quote in the header - "seriously I have to laugh or I will cry'.

    1. Thanks Kate the Karate Kid! Ahh, those were the days. I tried to do his special kick (you know, the one he practised on the stump) on my brother. It didn't go down too well, but on the plus side it was an awesome kick.

  2. Hi Lisa - every Listmania blog that I have been to today has reminded me of someone I forgot to include in my list !!!!!! Must be my memory is going now along with other things !!!!
    Keanu Reeves should have been another one on my list !!
    Have the best week!
    #Listmania visitor

  3. that pic of keanu is awesome - so hot. and a fellow ryan fan!!!

  4. Oh Ralph Macchio -how could I forget him...wipe on, wipe off...he was on my wall for ages too!!

  5. Oh yes, John Cusack in The Sure Thing....ahhhhhh!

    1. I watched The Sure Thing recorded off the tv so much that the video tape wore out!

  6. In my post I "wrote" in my head, Johnny Depp was the only one both in then & now. & with the exception of Taylor, we have scarily similar tastes these days!