Saturday, 9 November 2013

Lisa's Oreo Pops

I decided, in my day-before-my-kid's-birthday stupidity, to cave to my soon-to-be 12 year old daughter's birthday request of making something for her to share with her classmates. All 55 of them. No problemo, I had said, and told her about these awesome Oreo cookie pops I had found while doing 'Mummy's Important Facebook Research' earlier that day. I had only studied a picture of one, not looked at the source of the photo or at the instructions of how to make them. Couldn't be that hard! Look at them. Biscuits with a stick shoved up it's arse, covered in chocolate and dipped in fairy sprinkles. Piece.Of.Piss.

These are the final result. Not as glamorous as Pinterest (or any of the Oreo Pops pics out there for that matter),
but for someone who's impatient & not fond of all things kitchen-y, these turned out ok, or for the best part - edible.

Here's how to do it the 'Lisa' way:

1. To make 55 Oreo Pops, you will need 10 pkts of Oreo cookies. There's 12 in a pack, but while separating those mofo's you will lose 50-60%. Have your preschoolers around to eat the broken pieces of Oreo that you throw in a hissy fit across the room.

2. Use a knife to carefully separate the sides of cookie. That twisting action kids do on TV is bullshit. Best not start that 'swear jar' today, or have a shitload of coins nearby.

3. Melt white chocolate in a bowl. Dip one end of icy pole stick in melted chocolate & sandwich between cookie sides. Dip finger in melted chocolate & lick.

4. Spoon melted chocolate over cookie-on-a-stick. Dip other finger in melted chocolate & lick.

5. Lay cookie-on-a-stick-covered-in-melted-white-chocolate on 100s & 1000s, make sure it is well covered in that fairy crap. Dip another finger in melted chocolate & lick.

6. Let harden on baking paper. Hide from children.

Now, since making them, I have read the instructions on & can tell you there is a better way! Yes!

Nuke the Oreo cookies for a few seconds to soften the inner cream. Then gently pull apart. 


I am an educated dumbass.

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  1. Those look awesome! I hate when I decide to do something like that at the last minute. Ugh. But they turned out great!