Thursday, 11 April 2013

A stumble down memory lane

Ok. So you know how I like to talk? Or write? Or bang on a bit in a blog? No? Really I do! And this week's Listmania will be no different. As my family and close friends will tell you (but better not) I can speak the greatest of shit. I grew into my shit speaking. My school reports all say the same thing. Quiet. Introverted. Shy. 

So I have changed a bit.

This week I will hold your hand in my sweaty hand and skip down my memory lane of all things awesome in my childhood. And by childhood, I mean until now.
I made a list in my 'Let's Blog Some Shit' notebook of all the things that were my favourites - 3 pages worth of favourites. As I really really really want you to come back to read more of my blogs in the future, I have shortlisted them. It's still damn long. What can I say? I loved childhood. I still live in the past. And I'm still a big kid. 

My first Barbies                                                                                          These may have been my sister's 
but my memory says they were mine.

Swap Cards

My favourite TV Shows
Going to football matches and swinging on the boundary rails and scalding my tongue with a scorchingly hot meat pie
McDonald's for a party (that was the only time we had Macca's and you had to drive more than a kilometre to find one)
Playing softball, netball and rollerskating (still have my skates)
Atari, Donkey Kong & recording Top 40 hits on my cassette player
Growing Pains, 21 Jump Street and The X Files
The Doug Anthony All Stars (Melbournians will know)
Doc Martin's
The Cure
You can let go of my hand now. We've reached the WhatTheFuck 90s. That'll do Pig. That'll do.

What were your favourite childhood things?

Pics from Pinterest & Tumblr


  1. Brilliant list Lisa!!!

    I loved Spirograph too!

    How could I forget Atari and Donkey Kong!!!!! Shame on me!

    I was a huge Cure fan too... sigh and I still have my old Docs LOL

    So many similarities yet thousands of miles away, I guess the cool shit travels huh!

    1. Atari & Donkey Kong were the iPods of the 80s. They were attached to me all of the time!

      I was thinking of pulling out my old Docs & giving them a run again! That's if they fit me after 5 kids!

  2. Oh how could I forget elastics! Man they were the days!

    1. I loved elastics! I would love to teach my girls how to do it.

  3. I remember all of those things. I had forgotten about elastics and the spirograph...The Tv shows brought back a few memories, a great list x

    1. Thanks Mummy Manifesto. It was fun thinking of them all.

  4. I had that same blow up Barbie furniture! Oh the Docs, the Cure, the DAAS there's some memories of a great time together x