Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Shiny Awesomeness of 2013

I've never been good at keeping New Year's Resolutions. I stopped making them many many years back when I failed to keep them beyond the 3rd of January of every year.

This year, I feel somewhat different and more motivated to get my big arse into gear and do something. I'm going to keep it simple. I will not try to commit to the Paleo Diet or the French 'Air' Diet (pretending to eat food that is served to you - I think I would eat it and pretend it wasn't there in the first place), however the Cookie Diet does sound intriguing. I wonder if Tim Tams count as cookies?

Nope. No 'diets' as such for me. With Timbo on board helping, as well as my little sis Deb, I will not eat the children's left overs. I will eat smaller portions of the things that I would normally eat. I'm not going for a quick supermodel physique - I just want to begin with a little self control. Like I said - I'm going to keep it simple. I can achieve these little baby-steps easier than hating myself later when my willpower to maintain a stricter eating plan fails me by mid January.

I will drink a glass of water before every meal. I believe this clears the path for more wine or Margaritas. I could be wrong. But I don't think so.

I will swear less. Notice I said 'less'. Let's not go fucking overboard.

I will look more closely at the daily beauty that often surrounds me, and try not to get submerged in negativity and self-loathing. 

Sometimes it's hard to get to December 31 and think of anything but the bad times and hardships you may have gone through during the year. Sometimes it is hard to see the shiny brilliance and awesomeness that can happen even just for a minute or two in any given day. Sometimes the clouds are too heavy, and sometimes the hole is too bloody deep.

So, to remind myself of the great things that happen throughout 2013, I will start a Joy Jar. You begin on the 1st of January with an empty jar, and throughout the year you write the good things that happened to you on little  pieces of paper. On the 31st December, you can look back at all the fantastic things that have happened during the past year. A friend posted this great idea on her Stalkbook page, and I love it... 
A Joy Jar of positivity!
These are my very tiny steps to my New Year's success. 

And if I break them, fuck it, I'll have another wine and start again.

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  1. Happy 2013 Lis, have a happy shiny awesome one & fill that jar x

  2. Yer just the cutest lil Aussie ever. Good luck in the New Year. Smooches.

  3. Yer just the cutest lil Aussie ever. Good luck in the New Year. Smooches.

  4. Love the Joy Jar idea. I might have to try that. I do "keep" a gratitude journal, when I am not to sleepy at night or distracted on Pinterest.