Monday, 14 January 2013

Sleeping Beauty

As you walk up my stairs, using the snot streaked wall as a guide, you will find my sanctuary (which also doubles as the laundry). Despite having wall to wall clothes baskets of yet-to-be-folded washing, I love my room. My room represents solace, reflection, meditation. I watch all the best movies and tv shows in my room, and play the most awesome of addictive iPad games til the wee hours of the morning.

I share my room with Baby Scarlett who, in her eight short months, has slept all but three full nights in my bed. To be honest, I don't mind. I'm now so used to having her there I think it would be weird not to have her lying across the middle of the bed, up on her knees with her nappied bum snuggled under my armpit. She has slept all through the night, about ten hours, in my bed since she was eight weeks old. If I move, she will reposition herself to grab a fistful of my hair or lie her hand across my cheek. I know I'm her bedtime bitch.

Honestly, could you say no to this sleeping beauty?

But that 10 hours of sleep makes an enormous difference in her, and my, moods. That is, if I'm not up all hours getting my blog on or engaged in the daily soapie that is Facebook. 

If you're wondering where my Superman is, he's wrapped up in his Ikea blanket snoring on the couch downstairs. If it weren't for his snoring he would be hidden much like ET was in Gertie's closest, camouflaged between Beanie Bears, Barbies and other teddies. Poor Tim had been banished from the bedroom a few years ago because of his incessant snoring and now in my old age I think it would be too hard to share a bed with him again. I think we'd need two beds Leave It To Beaver style.

I would like to reclaim my bed from Scarlett. She is the first child out of all five to sleep in my bed. Her cot is at the end of my bed, so it's not a huge transition for either of us, and yet I still can't bring myself to do it. Supernanny would have a fit.

I know what I have to do - put her in her cot, settle, resettle, resettle, resettle, until she begins to understand that this cot is her bed and this mum means business. I know it may take several nights to establish this, but my big question is, "Can I be arsed?"

It wouldn't really hurt if she stays a little longer, would it? 

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  1. Let her stay til she wants to be a big girl like her sisters, I'm sure that day will come! I secretly love it when my Tilda has a bad night & comes into's C's sleep that suffers! If Timbo's already banished, no reason not to enjoy Sleeping Beauty's presence xox