Sunday, 7 October 2012

Go forth & be educated

With a tear in my eye I write this post.

It is the last day of the Victorian school holidays and my eldest two must return to their institutions.

There goes my labour force.

While many mums love the two weeks they can spend with their spawn, the idea of two weeks - two whole weeks - with my lot douses me in a hot irritable sweat that begins the week before the term break has even started. Other school holidays have left me rocking in a corner in foetal position, my left eye twitching. Why would these holidays be any different?

I'm glad you ask. These holidays were different because I'm now a smart mum. It occurred to me that I have a valuable commodity - on-site babysitters. My eldest two cherubs could 'babysit' the twins while Mummy helped Scarlett have a nap. In Mummy's bed. With Mummy. For a couple of hours. 

I even outsourced them to my sister.

One thing I didn't count on was running out of antidepressants towards the end of the first week. Including the middle weekend, I would be off my meds for 4 days before I could get to see my doctor for a new prescription of happy pills. The kids had the chance to run but they didn't. Poor wretched things. Didn't know what hit them.

But with school going back in only a few hours I'm faced with the harrowing reality of being with Grace and Lily. 

They scare me more than school holidays. 

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