Monday, 11 February 2013


There are moments in my life - mainly when I've had a few Margaritas - when I can sit back and reflect on what I have and how grateful I am to have them. These tequila drenched thoughts usually follow the silence of bedtime, when the Wondertwins have slowly come down of their sugar highs, Scarlett has finally fallen into a deep milky coma and the older two have become one with their iPods in their beds. I sit in my newly completed garden and think how well everything can fall into place after a nasty day of nappies, dishes, homework and tantrums - not just from me. 

And as I sit there in middle class suburbia slowly marinating, I think about how bloody lucky I really am. I am incredibly grateful to have a husband who can bring home the prime cut bacon. I am grateful that he puts in the hard yards and long hours to make me able to stay at home and be there for our kids. Everyday. All day. Seven days a week. Changing nappies. Separating three year old girls from fights. Homework. Talking back. Cooking. Bless him. Actually, most of these days I'm just grateful they eventually fucking end.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
I am grateful that I live where I live. Australia is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country. It is a safe country. We take for granted, as we sit on our comfy sofas in airconditioned/heated homes watching the news, just how beautiful and diverse and safe a place Australia is until we look at the tragedies of war, poverty, genocide, extreme laws, and natural disasters devastating other countries.

Beautiful Melbourne
I am grateful that I live in our safe and boring Melbourne suburb. We have not had to personally come face to face with raging bush fires, floods or cyclones as other states have. I have a roof over my head, a warm bed, food on the table and five not ugly beautiful ferals children who are not in jail, and hopefully, if I do my job right, won't be in the future. I will be grateful for that.

I am grateful that my husband comes home to me every night. He may not want to some days, but he still does and I'm thankful for that. He has gone through a lot during our marriage and with me being looney tunes. He had the chance to run, but he didn't. He might not be grateful for that some days, but I am.

I am grateful that I have friends. Friends who look out for me, friends who love me, friends who I don't see often but are there when the shit hits the fan, and friends who are as mental as I am. Damn, them bitches be crazy. You know who you are.

Then there are the little things that I am grateful for. Pizza is one. That and Coke. Oh, and passionfruit, Lindt chocolate, my kids use their manners when they are out, daiquiris, Nick Jr, fresh air, cheap pharmaceuticals, my degrees, health, mental health workers, my sister who helps me, mobile phones, rain, clean water, books on my shelf and shoes on my feet. I could go on but the wind-up music has begun.

And, with the risk of sounding incredibly corny - you, for reading my blog. Awwww.

I know I've missed other things I am grateful for. What are you grateful for?

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  1. Awwww definitely friends (friend?) that have known me forever and I know I can share it all with - pretty big for me, who on some levels shares it all "out there" and on others keeps things very close. And today, grateful for a few moments of peace in the morn, before my 3 "children" start making demands again....