Thursday, 29 November 2012

Arts & Crarts

One of my twins favourite past times is what they like to call "Arts and Crarts". I am very very glad I pushed for hardwood floor for downstairs and not the lovely beige carpet we have upstairs. The lovely beige carpet is now decorated with red lipstick scribble, pink marker 'writing' and finger painted faeces (but I have cleaned that). 

Lily is a great artist. She loves drawing those circle people with stick arms and legs, eyes, nose and crooked smiles. Shame she won't do it on paper so I can frame it. I've given up on cleaning the walls. I'll keep the scribble there for years to come to remind them of the little shits that they were.

Gracie's mojo is to scribble a ball. Lily will often tag this art with her signature blob man.

Little Boy Sitting on a Bed,
(Ella's lipbalm on cotton, by Lily, 2012)

Green, by Grace.
Happy Little Lady, by Lily, 2012
(Kitchen wall art in pencil & marker)
Incy Winsy Spider, by Lily, 2012
(Pen & pencil)
No one has fessed up to this one, but boy was I fucking mad.
Looks more like Lily's handiwork. The other headrest has one, too.
(Permanent marker that I didn't know I had)

Not even Scarlett is safe from them
There's no bloody way she'll ever do my make up.

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