Friday, 5 October 2012

The simple things

This morning I woke up uncharacteristically energetic and motivated. I thought that perhaps the reason behind the Psycho Twins bad behaviour was that I wasn't doing much with or for them. Sure, that's it. They just miss their mum. I'm such a brilliant mum for recognising that. I'm such a bad mum for not recognising that sooner. For now, I'll ride on the brilliant mum theory.

I thought a nice ride on the train would be fun. Just to Australian Hearing to pick up batteries for my 11 year old's hearing aids and back. Yeah, fun! We'll leave at 11 and be back in time for a nap at 1. It is only 4 stations away.

At 11:10 we began our walk to the station, normally a 15 minute walk.  
We picked up sticks, flowers, gum nuts, chewing gum.
Our shoes hurt. We took them off. We put them on. We took them off. We stood in the chewing gum.
The wind blew her hair in her face. She wanted her hair up. Her hair said it was hurting. We put her hair down. We put it back up so it wasn't really up but not really down.
I got caught in that toddler logic yet again. 
Cut my milk.
At 12:20 we arrived at the station.

Guess which one is the evil twin?
That's right - both of them are.

Back at our station, we walked ever, ever so flipping slow. 
Another stick. Another flower. A bug. Another effing bug. Another freaking gum nut. The brilliant mum in me was loving these simple things they found in life. The bad mum just wanted to get the hell home.

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