Monday, 29 October 2012

Night one

It's been a while since the whole family has spent this amount of time together in such close proximity, and I think I know why. As I lie here in our motel room, baby snuggled into my chest, Lily across the foot of my bed, and the rhythmic serenade of my husband's snoring (please read that with a hell of a lot of sarcasm - it sounds like a pig mating with a cow on a train in a tunnel) I am able to see, hear and smell just what I have been missing all this time.

I note that my son talks in his sleep. Grace can search and find her dummy while very much asleep. Someone's junior parmigiana keeps creeping like a silent brown cloud over to my side of the large bedroom. Someone else isn't so silent. Ella suddenly will sit upright, rub her nose, and crash back down to her pillow. Tim, banished to the small couch in the kitchenetteloungeroomentrance area, breathes heavily, holds his breath...7...8...9...and bursts with a grunty snore. 

Night One.

The 10 hour drive to Goulburn, New South Wales, from Melbourne was better than I thought - but I have had a glass of wine.

I had aimed to leave Melbourne this morning as early as possible to get to Goulburn by 5:30pm. We got here at 8 and I don't think that was too bad considering we were traveling with five wild and constantly hungry animals who smelled and argued a lot. And if you think chewing gum is fun to get out of hair, try extracting a marshmallow from a 3 year old who in her tantrum is shaking and matting the goo deeper and deeper into her locks. And I need to get it out to make room for the next tasty morsel she'll lose in there tomorrow.

It's the little things you take for granted when you travel long distances. Like having a car stereo that doesn't have a Wiggles, Hi5 and about 70 cents of loose change shoved in it together. The USB with the Glee soundtracks can only last 
so long, yet I think we may actually have listened to about 10 hours of it already. Lucky us - it's about another 13 hours plus kid factor which equals around 17 hours that we can get our Gleek on. 


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