Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I took Campbell for a free assessment at the orthodontist recently and came out $8000 lighter. I always thought he had lovely teeth, but the xrays proved otherwise, with impacted adult teeth and nowhere to put them. We've been back to the orthodontist weekly since then, getting his mouth ready for the big day when he gets his full mouth of metal, on his way to an even spunkier smile. Awesome.

I hate going to the orthodontist with the Wonder Twins almost as much as hate going to the supermarket with them. Or the doctors with them. Or the play centre with them. Or anywhere for that matter.

Lily: I smell poo.
Few minutes later...
Lily: I still smell poo.
Me: Did you do poo?
Lily: I don't know.

Me: Grace, don't lick the arm of the chair.
Me: Lily, don't lick the arm of the chair.
Me: I said don't lick the chair.
Lily: You said don't lick the arm of the chair. I licking where bums go.
Me: Just stop licking the chair.

Me: Stop licking the door.

Lily: Read this to me (thrust book at me)
Me: You need to say please.
Lily: I don't know how to say please. Just read it.
Me: Not until you say please.
Lily: I too tired to say please. Read it.

Me: Grace, stop licking the window.

Grace: Everyday you say not lick window! You not say please!
Lily: Gracie, Mummy not know how to say please. She's a rude mummy.

Wonder where I get it from...


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  1. OMG LOL - read out loud to C & he LOLing too. I'm so glad I don't have 2 same age to gang up against me!!!

  2. I just wish I could say I made the whole thing up, but I didn't. Damn it.

  3. OMG... I love you for handling that. What's with the licking again?... Thanks for hooking up at the Hump Day Hook Up

    1. Thanks Molley! I loved joining in. It's funny to go over what you've written & think "Wow, that was so much worse as it was happening!"

  4. OMG! This is hysterical even though it was not for you. And what is up with kids and licking. Grosses me out.

    1. I'm glad to say that the Wondertwins have stopped their licking antics. Unless they're playing puppies & kittens. Then they lick. They're always playing puppies & kittens...

  5. Sounds like a blast at the orthodontist! Kids are too funny, though. They just really know how to turn the tables on us parents.

    1. The staff know they're in for some entertainment when we show up at the orthodontists. Last time they put on a ballet concert with opera singing for the other patients. Never a dull moment...